Free Streaming for 60 days

To keep you moving through the containment of COVID-19, we are thrilled to provide all of our active and paid members MOSSA MOVE for 60 days at no cost!  Fill out the below form for our team to verify your membership status as active and up-to-date for payment.  Thereafter, you will be send an exclusive URL to active your unlimited, streaming service of over 8 MOSSA workouts.

Questions? Call the front desk to speak to a representative at 978.897.5300.

Please fill out the below information to very your Stow Fitness Center membership



A few commonly asked questions:


How do I access the 60-day Free Trial?

Fill out the above form to request a link for the 60-day Free MOSSA MOVES link.  A Stow Fitness Center representative will approve your request if your membership account is up-to-date in payment and active.  Thereafter, the link will be sent to your email.


Will I need to enter a credit card?

Yes. In order to setup your own individual MOSSA MOVE account, they will need to enter credit card information. Because of the longer lead time of the 60 days free, we will be notifying subscribers via email around the 55 day mark that they will be charged $7.99 if they decide to keep their MOSSA MOVE subscription.


Where can I go to learn more about MOSSA MOVE?

To learn more about the service,  go to From this page, you can view all of the workouts available through the service. However, you will not be able to get to the 60 day offer. The 60 day offer is only available through a special URL through Stow Fitness Center.  Contact Customer Service to verify your membership account status and receive the url.


How can I cancel?

Subscribers can cancel at any time. When logged into your account, you can go to My Account >> Manage Subscriptions >> Cancel Subscription


How long will the 60 day offer last?

The 60 day timeline will start depending on when the member signs up for the service. If someone starts their account today, they will have access to all of the workouts for 60 days starting today. If they start their subscription a week from today, it will be 60 days from that day. 

 This special gateway is open for a period of time so that we can accommodate our active members needs during this time (March 2020).  This will be offered for a limited time, ending on a specific date in the future.  After that specific date, the 60 day option gateway will close.  And active member not already registered for MOSSA MOVE will only be able to access the site through the standard 14 day free trial.


Will you be notifying members that the 60 days are about to expire?

Yes. We have been able to work with our service provider, to configure the system to let people know that the 60 day offer is close to expiring. If they are opted into receiving our emails, they will receive a notification around the 55 day mark reminding them that they will be charged $7.99 in order to continue to access all of the workouts on MOSSA MOVE.


Are the workouts on MOSSA MOVE the same as the live MOSSA workouts?

The 30-minute workouts on MOSSA MOVE are different than the program sequences in our standard 1-hour classes at Stow Fitness Center.  MOSSA MOVE workouts were designed for the home user experience. The programming, equipment options, coaching, and coaching modifications, are all perfect for the home user.  But, you will have familiarity with the cues and rhythms used in standard classes at Stow Fitness Center.


What workouts are available on MOSSA MOVE?

The MOSSA MOVE app has 8 different programs – cardio, strength, dance, Yoga-inspired, and indoor cycling. Each 30-minute program has 2 to 4 workouts available, with more on the way. We have filmed additional workouts that should be available on the app in the next few weeks. Additionally, we have filmed two new programs (3D30 and MOVE30) that should be available in April 2020. To see the lineup of workouts available, with descriptions and video previews, visit: